Story Time: First time using a prosthetic leg extensions.

For the past two decades, I’ve been using crutches to carry out my daily activities, owning a prosthetic leg extension has never cross my mind, till couple of years back when I discovered the opportunity. For years, I’ve being looking for ways to make my mobility easier and more sustainable with little to no physical or emotional side effect, and have found so many effective and sustainable ways to use crutches with little to no side effect, – if you happen to see me in person, you’ll know I got things figured out in the crutches department.

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Story Time: I’m getting addicted

The loading screen of the game.

So, lately I’ve been a bit preoccupied with mobile gaming, and I think is eating through my time. But first, a little background why I think I’m getting addicted to these mobile games. While I was undergoing my master’s degree, I come across an article, or a letter about world health organisation classifying excessive gaming as addiction. I was sceptical at first, but now I can see why it is possible to be addicted to gaming.

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I’m just thinking: A relationship without an end game

Hello, today I want to talk about relationship, a topic that I’ve no idea about or experience. Why am I talking about it? I don’t know! But is sometime that has been in my mind for a while now, and it’s hard to shake it off. Maybe because everyone around me is either in one or just get out of one and attempting to jump into another one. People tend to get into relationships without actually thinking of the long-term commitment or plan. Some will say “I’ll think about it when it’s start getting serious or when we become committed”. To me, is like jumping into a river without knowing how to swim, and believe that you’ll figure it out while you’re drowning. I can’t go to the beach, if I’m not planning on sunbathing, — just saying! 🤪

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An open letter to sickle cell disease

Central pain receptors

Sickle cell Ln


Dear sickle cell

I will start with asking how’re you, or how your days are going, but from the way I’m feeling lately, I’ll say you’re okay. I’ll greatly appreciate it, if you stay away from me, not for your sake but mine. You and I have been together from the day I was born, and this is the first time I’m establishing contact. You’ve being in contact with me all this time, a one-sided contact if I’m being honest. By the way, I appreciate you not showing up the first three or four year of my life, giving my parents some time to celebrate and my mom to fully recover.

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